hearing testing

What Is A Hearing Test?

Hearing Testing 1

Hearing Testing

Your individualized evaluation includes the following:
  • Comprehensive case history
  • Otoscopy (visual inspection of ear canal)
  • Cerumen management if needed
  • Comprehensive hearing evaluation
    • Air Conduction
    • Bone Conduction
    • Comprehensive speech testing
    • Tinnitus evaluation
    • Hearing aid evaluation

~ Karen E. of Lafayette, IN ~

06/08/2019    Review submitted online

“Dr. Judy has been taking care of my hearing for nearly 8 years. She has always been completely professional while at the same time very compassionate.” 

Five Stars Hearing Solutions of Indiana

~ Victoria F. of Williamsport, IN ~

03/18/2019    Review submitted online

“Dr. Judy Olson has been amazing! I would recommend her to everyone I know. Wonderful service from start to finish. Thank you!” 

Five Stars Hearing Solutions of Indiana

~ Shirley S. of Lafayette, IN ~

05/25/2019    Review submitted online

“Very friendly and professional staff. Dr Judy took great care of me and took the extra time to ensure I got the best pair of hearing aids for me! Highly recommend !”

Five Stars Hearing Solutions of Indiana

~ Susan S. of Flora, IN ~

02/07/2019   Review submitted online

“Dr Judy is so patient with all my questions and concerns. This is my first time needing hearing aids and it has gone very well. I would highly recommend her.”

Five Stars Hearing Solutions of Indiana

~ Ray and Sharon J. of Lafayette, IN ~

05/18/2019   Review submitted online

“Dr. Judy did everything she could do to get Ray to hear as well as he could. Very helpful in the office also! Kind and sincere all around! Thank you for meeting the needs we had. ”

Five Stars Hearing Solutions of Indiana

Hearing Testing 2

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  • 30 Day Risk Free Trial Period

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